Polyvore is 0_0!

Polyvore is a site(which now has an app) that showcases many beautiful items that when combined to sets produces an even more amazingly cool picture to stare at. If you are looking for an app or a site where you can mix and match items that are running in your mind to arrange them for your room or an outfit for an event, then this is a highly recommended app/site.

What I love about Polyvore?

Wide variety of brands and items. From fashion to household items, Polyvore has managed to post stunning pictures that suit every taste. They have it from a cheap shirt to a very expensive gown without decreasing the same good quality image.

Easy to manage app.
The super-duper easy to manage Polyvore app makes it very fast to combine items you want to see in your room or in an outfit you are trying to imagine. Unlike other apps I’ve used before, where the response to your ‘like’ takes 2-3 seconds, this one is seamless. Click and you’ll see the white heart turn red in an instant. Really impressive.
When I tried arranging the items to make a set for an outfit, it was again unbelievably fast. Way really far ahead than the other apps.

Home set:

Home set:

Individual items you can see in the home set: cute?

Download Polyvore. Enjoy!

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