Random thoughts| Families & Malls

The need to place toddlers somewhere while people shop has been a great demand lately. In malls, there are around 10 stalls/amusement places for kids to go to like Tom’s World, motorcycle rentals, carousels, trampolines, car rentals, blocks to play with, and many more. It’s actually sad that this is happening. Families usually go together when they go out, and the malls has somehow provided a place for teens, men and women individually , leaving the left out toddler as an “extra baggage” that needs to be placed for an hour in a ‘fun’ place.

If one’s purpose is to have a quality time with the family, then a mall isn’t really an appropriate place, unless eating together is the agenda. Watching movie isn’t either, because there’s no interaction happening between family members inside. (Well, after, maybe) Times like these, I really miss parks where families sit on the grass, eat together while they watch the kids play. This goes to my IF list: If only I were rich, I would have a park for families. Haha yeah, I wish!



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