Did you also scribble, doodle, or write words on your notebook while waiting or listening to the teacher when you were still young? Well, I did. Until now, I sometimes try drawing things on my paper or write notes.

It’s not that I was always bored. I just wanted to write some thoughts I remembered while listening. I like moving my hands and just scribble around.

I wasn’t really good at it. Even until now. I’m really poor at color combinations and measurements. So you see, the alignments of my works here look awkward. Haha

The photos here show my present coloring and lettering. Still awkward, but it can be really relaxing because I try to use words and positive statements as I color and move my pens. 


How about you? In this advanced age, do you still like writing, scribbling or doodling on notebooks, planners, and journals? =)

If you are interested in letterings, scribbles, doodles, calligraphy, etc. You might want to follow these great Instagram accounts: @inkscribbler @oatsdiy @abbeysy @type.gang @reveriedesigns @printablewisdom @heyhellodesign

If you are in Jeddah, you can buy art materials in the following bookstores:

Jarir Bookstore– Jarir’s catalogue (with prices) click here.

Mirza Stationery – Just beside Jarir Bookstore in Palestine (website is not available)

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7 thoughts on “Scribbles

  1. I love to draw but unfortunately I just stopped now but I give my son some tricks on how to draw easily and he is getting better as he aged. 🙂

  2. Hello 🙂
    I saw your comment on community pool looking for some feedback. I absolutely love the colour, font and layout of your blog, it’s stunning! I loved this post particularly because I to am a scribbler and love drawing anything and everything! Your writing is good and I love the pictures you’ve included, especially the fact they are scriptural. Overall a beautiful blog! Great work!
    I’d be super grateful if you could check out my blog too at 🙂

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