Seasoned Seaweeds

Most people are probably not aware that there’s a snack pack for roasted or seasoned seaweeds because we just see the big nori that cover the sushi rolls

I saw this first in Robinson’s supermarket 4 years ago and I loved it ever since.

There are different ways that I use it.


I add it to bowls of soup. It adds that sea flavor to the broth. This is just an upgraded bowl of noodles I’ve made before. I replaced the seasoning with my own broth then added veggies, turkey, and egg. So satisfying!

You can also simply add it to any clear soup you are making. I haven’t tried it in cream soup, though.


I have not mastered making maki and sushi, so I just make a cone and put all the ingredients I want inside. =) I love fried rice, so I added rice, cucumber, avocado, a little mayo, if I had shrimp that time, I would have added one. It’s like the usual roll, but no actual rolling done. More like, coning. =)


There were times that I’d just munch on it and the salty taste just bursts inside my mouth. I eat it whenever I feel like boosting my appetite. =)


I haven’t found roasted seaweed snack in Jeddah yet. If you know where I can find one, please do tell me. =) I wrote this post back in October 2018 and as of this writing (May 2019!!!), I’m happy to say that Korean & Japanese Store in Jeddah already sells them 😁 (I’m publishing the posts sleeping in my drafts one by one so this one took 7 months to be posted. 😂)

Here’s a video of the other items you can see in Korean & Japanese store in Jeddah. 😃

In the Philippines, you can find it in SM Malls and Robinson’s Malls, well, probably in major supermarkets.

Other parts of the world, YOU CAN SEARH HERE IN LAZADA.COM or the nearest Asian store near you =):

Lazada Philippines

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