Sewing, Pursuing, and Singing

I just sew my second son’s black teddy bear this morning. It has been torn for quite some time now and I thought that maybe delaying to fix it could change his mind and maybe he would agree on buying another one, I wish! 😂

I remember when I was still teaching, students would ask why there was a need to take Home Economics subject, or Values Education, and all the other minor subjects. They do have a point, but I wanted to tell them that they’ll actually need it more for survival and relating to people. 😂

Head, Heart, and Hands

You can’t be all HEAD without a HEART—and HANDS! I mean, they underestimated Values Education thinking it is not needed but I look at it as one of the most important subjects. Imagine an engineer, or a doctor, or an architect with the highest degrees but without values and character. 🙂

Home Economics

Home Economics as we can see now is something that the new generation needs. LIFE SKILLS. A father should at least know basic carpentry or wiring, etc. you know, the ones like Disney Jr.’s Handy Manny does? Some men today would call other people just to hammer some things in the house or just to screw something. I don’t belittle them, but the kids, the wife should know that they can come to you for fixing things in the house first. 🙂 Then your boys(or even girls) would be interested in how to hammer and fix things for themselves. 😃

Life Skill Courses

In online courses today, they are now offering Life Skill courses. It hurts. 😂 It hurts that my generation doesn’t even know how to wash plates properly or to fold blankets—or sew minor holes in clothes?! 😁

I remember a meme comparing life about the old times and now. It says that in the old days they don’t throw things immediately, they try to fix things. It has carried on even in relationships. They try to fix things first. Now, when couples disagree, they throw everything away easily.


Speaking of pursuing, here’s a video I made with my friends on YT about Singing Tips for Beginners. 😁 Here’s the link

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