Sick for a Week

I can consider this week as one of the worst weeks I’ve had. I do pray that this won’t happen again.

It all started last Friday. I already felt that zap of headache trying to get my attention. By the end of the day, all I wanted to do was rest and so I did. I thought sleeping on it would end the pain.

I woke up Saturday with a headache and a heavy body (yeah, I felt I’ve danced the whole night without warm-up). Around evening my throat started to hurt and I felt fever was about begin its party. I thought I was having a flu. I was right.

Sunday, headache, weakness and I felt my throat starting to swell. The fever was on and off. Maybe it wasn’t flu anymore. I thought. I couldn’t eat properly because the pain when swallowing hurts really bad.
It got worse, I couldn’t sleep. The swelling was giving me a hard time to breath properly. The mucus in my throat was getting thicker and swallowing was getting more and more painful. I literally almost did not eat a meal. I tried soup but half a cup was all I could finish. It was almost impossible to drink water because I cough as it hit my throat. The pain was going up. Up to the right ear and sometimes teeth.

Monday came and the pain was getting worse. I couldn’t eat at all because chewing and swallowing produced pain in my throat and ear. Like needles pricking my right ear and like stuck apple pressed harder on my throat. My airway was starting to get narrower. I could feel that if the swelling continues and affects the left side, I could have an even smaller chance of breathing properly.

Tuesday morning, I knew I needed to see a doctor. I couldn’t eat at all. My right face was painful every time I swallow and even if I was still, I could feel stings on my teeth. The infection has spread.
We went to the doctor Tuesday afternoon and true enough, the doctor found out that my throat was severely swelling. At this point speaking was very difficult for me. He gave me IV fluid and some medications. I felt a little better after that.
I continued taking the antibiotics and other medicines. The result was not that fast to see but little by little I could feel relief.

Wedneday, there was still pain. Lesser this time. Tolerable is the word I guess. I could eat only soft food. Food that are easily chewed. Banana has become my friend lately. It’s easy to swallow and chew. As if it melts then slides. I was able to eat the burger patty my husband prepared. It was so soft so I didn’t even have to chew that much.

Thursday. Better, I can say. Still a little pain in the throat and ear when I swallow but at least now I can eat rice. I can also talk better but not loud or I’ll cough.

Friday. Exactly one week now. There’s still pain when I swallow but not as strong as before. There’s no more pain in my ear so that’s a great relief.

Thank you Lord for the strength. Thank you for the healing. Thank you for the rest. 🙂

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