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I’m not in Saudi Arabia anymore!!! I just love the freedom to walk, walk, and walk without abaya, and to go to stores without worrying that they will close in the middle of my window shopping.

The other night, I went to 7-11, around two to  three blocks away from our building. No one seemed to care. No one dared to stare. Ladies were in skirts, there was a man holding a partner’s hand, moms who were freely walking outside with kids, female employees were chatting with male employees while walking in the streets. It finally sunk in. I wasn’t in Saudi Arabia anymore.

It took me a day or two to finally embrace the fact that after almost four years(?!!? I survived that?!), I’m not surrounded with flats and sands but with green trees and tall buildings.

Closer, closer, closer to home. Singapore feels so close to home. (Because it is!) After taking a rest from our flight the other day, we went outside to have a walk. Everything reminded me of the Philippines. The dry market, the Chinatown, the fruit stands! haha Everything here is so Asian! The rainy weather, the people who looks really alike. I cannot even differentiate Asian nationalities here. =) There are Singaporeans, Filipinos, Indonesians, Malaysians….they all look alike!  Well, there are Indians, Americans, Arabs, but they can be easily distinguished. =P

Bras Basah Road/Victoria road

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