Singapore | For the love of food!

“I went here for food.” haha There are so many places to see in Singapore, and so many things to do, but it’s really the food that I’m excited to try. I want to have a taste of authentic Singaporean dishes or any asian dish available here. It will help me big time, the next time I prepare food for my family. =)

Here’s the ones I tried yesterday.

Crispy and delicious roasted pork with sweet honey sauce. Simply appetizing. When I took a bite, my palate just turned on for all the other food.

Roasted p-rk

This here is their p-rk and vegetable soup. This is their version of “nilaga” in the Philippines. The meat was really tender and the soup was not too salty. This will be perfect for cold mornings or nights, or a simple calming soup for the sick.

P-rk and vegetable soup (nilaga sa tagalog)

The Hainanese chicken. The tender chicken complements the flavorful rice. Simple food with great taste. I’m reminded of Middle East’s chicken mandy, only with an Asian taste. =)

Hainanese chicken 

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