Singapore | Yakult flavors

I love Yakult. I have been drinking this healthy drink since I was a kid. It’s just sad that it isn’t available in Saudi Arabia. I only get to have a taste of it every time a family member comes back to Jeddah from Philippines, or every time I go home for vacation.

I walked to 7-11 this evening to buy a bottle of water and saw those familiar containers. I wasn’t sure if they were my favorite Yakult because of the other colors in the pack, but my happiness continued the moment I saw the name. The other flavors are okay, but I still prefer the original one. =)

Here in Singapore, one pack costs 3.50 or 3.80 Singaporean dollars for a pack of 5 small containers. Flavors in one pack are are two original drinks, one apple, one grape, and one orange Yakult.

Yakult flavors. Apple, original, grape, orange
Yakult flavors.
Apple, original, grape, orange

Yakult. Each little bottle of Yakult is packed with more than 10 billion L. casei strain Shirota, enough to replenish the friendly bacteria in your digestive system.

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