Sitting Beside The Master

When the pandemic started, schools had to adjust to different set-ups for classroom. Some still cater face-to-face for those students whose parents are both working, and others who choose to stay at home can attend virtually. For our sons, we chose the virtual classes.

My youngest son is 3 and is turning 4 tomorrow. I have to sit beside him most of the time to assist him in some tasks. He would finish the assigned seatworks on the book and once he is done, he would tell the the teacher “Teacher, I’m done!” in a very excited manner and the teacher usually responds “Good job, Marcus! Now let’s go to the next page.”

Recently, there was a new student for face-to-face and this new student would be sitting beside the teacher like the other kids. He is very quiet. I never heard him talk, but he’d color and write and sometimes during break time, he would look at my son and they would exchange waves virtually.

One day, my son finished his task and the teacher was not visible in the camera because she was assisting another kid. Only the new kid was visible in the screen. My son went on to lift his book up, unmuted the video call and with a loud voice said “Teacher, I’m done!” to our surprise, the new kid shouted back “Good job, Marcus!! Next page, next page!” My son and I couldn’t stop laughing for a minute because the new kid said exactly what the teacher would always say whenever Marcus says he is done.

Sitting beside the master

This reminded me of how important it is to always be close to God and to learn his ways. When challenging situation comes, we automaticaly know what we would do or say because we have seen how God works and what God does in the kind of situations we are facing.

The disciples of Jesus stayed with him wherever he went. When he finally ascended to heaven, the disciples were instructed to preach the gospel, heal the sick, cast out demons from people. These were the things they did and they knew how to do it because they have been staying beside their master.


This goes for mentoring a person as well. If you are a leader, allow your mentee to always see how you do things, how you solve things in your organization, how you think if possible. Let your mentees learn from you. You cannot expect them to lead like you if you do not involve them; if you do not allow them to get close enough to learn. No amount of seminars and teachings can be equal to an actual problem solving experience. People learn faster when they are involved in the thinking, doing, and solving process. Their entire body remembers the experience.


As a parent, this reminded me too of how my words and actions may be remembered by my kids and may eventually use them for their own. I have to be very careful of my ways because they will be examples to my kids when it is their time to face their own problems. My words may become their words and my actions may become their actions.

As a learner

As someone who is still learning, this reminded me to always learn from my leaders or people whom I want to learn from. Like the new kid, I will allow myself to sit beside them quietly learning their ways, getting all the helpful tips I can get.

Dear God,

Allow us to put our pride aside

As we sit beside you

As we sit beside people better than us

As we allow ourselves to learn from you

As we allow ourselves to learn from them

May you remove every wall

We have set up for ourselves before

Tear it down as we let other people enter our lives

May your ways be our ways

May our ways reflect your grace

May our words reflect your love

May our thoughts reflect your holiness

May our lives reflect your greatness


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