“Speed, I am Speed”

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About two weeks ago, my family was going to our friend’s house and this horrifying scene of a truck lying on its right side caught our attention. It was just 9am in the morning! There was no traffic, and not so many people were outside that morning because it was Friday (weekend in Saudi Arabia).

But then again, this kind of accident can be too common in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. Even during school days, there would be speeding cars crashing on other cars who are running in the correct speed limit. According to an article from Arab News, 19 die daily! As in daily, due to road accidents. Thus, putting KSA (according to the article) as one of the world’s most dangerous roads. That is bad. =|

Source: Arab News

One of the worst that can happen is when you are parking your car and another car that looks as though it has no brakes crashes on you. It happened to my husband’s car recently.

Oh, wait. Have you heard that women will soon be driving here in the kingdom? Good news for women, not so for men. When this news came, people, men especially, have already perceived the possible rise of road accidents caused by excited women who would go out and drive. Fair or not. One thing is for real, accident is echoing: “I am speed.”

Yes, faster than bullet trains and than our thoughts are these accidents. That’s why we should always make sure to at least keep in mind these 4 things:


Be sure you’ve had enough sleep or rest before driving. Don’t stay up too late if you know you are going to drive early the following morning. Many drivers ignore this, and end up daydreaming in the middle of the streets. Please be sure you have enough strength to drive especially if you have your family on board.


Seatbelts were created for a purpose. Car companies have placed them there for a reason, and that is for safety. Most of us become extremists and say that we have already prayed and so it’s all up to God. If that is so, then why else do you lock your house? There are natural laws, and government laws we have to abide to for our safety. These are not to torture us, but to protect us. If we say we are believers, then let’s follow these simple laws. Put those seatbelts back. =)

By the way, in Saudi Arabia, the fine for not fastening seatbelts is:  150-300 riyals (I remember it was 600 riyals, but according to this list of traffic rules, it is now 150-300 riyals)
Seat belt violations account for 60% of traffic fatalities in Abu Dhabi so please, BUCKLE UP!

If you have kids with you, you can check these car seats to check which fits your car’s model.

If you want to check if you have traffic violations in Saudi Arabia, visit the Ministry of Interior website. Cameras are everywhere in the streets of Saudi Arabia, say Cheese! =) You can also check this step-by-step guide on how to do it.


If you badly need to answer a phone call or check on something very important, then park. If you are just itching on checking your friend’s social media updates , please have the self-control to do it later. Life is more important than those updates. Those can wait. There are people around you that might suffer the consequences of such actions.


I’m amazed at how car enthusiasts keep their cars clean from the tiniest detail to the big ones. They make sure every gear is working. They hear something odd, and they are sure to  lift the hood and inspect the cause. Treat cars like how you would treat human sometimes. Cars need to rest, they need to be cleaned up from the inside out to work effectively. Be sure to check if your car is in good condition before driving.

Detailed checklist of what you need to remember before driving. As in very detailed, if you are driving with pets, kids, carrying loads, etc., I salute you for putting all these. =)

Source: Cars.com

I hope you find these two reminders helpful. Remember, you are not ‘speed.’
If you need help in car utilities and car seats for your family’s safety, you can browse some helpful tips and information at  cars.com website.

Again, this is a sponsored ad, but all opinions are mine. =)

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15 thoughts on ““Speed, I am Speed”

  1. My uncle died in KSA because of car accident, nabangga siya. Here in the Philippines, ang dami rin road accidents and because of this, I don’t want to drive. My husband kept on telling me na mag driving lesson na pero takot pa ko. hehehe!

  2. I want to learn how to drive pero takot ako. Now that I am a SAHM, I have enought time (hopefully) to tick a bucket list. Road accidents nowadays caused by phones, but I guess it’s because of lacked of discipline.

  3. I agree to all of these road safety tips.
    When I was 3 months pregnant to Zee nabangga ako kahit nakastop lang naman ako, since then di pa ako ulit nag-drive. Buckle up! This is a must!

  4. Ive experienced driving and I was too sleepy then. My husband tapped me on the shoulders and asked me if I was ok. Apparently, I was driving to slow that he asked me to go to the nearest lay bay so we couls switch. I also believe in the importance of a car seat. It’s a must when driving with kids.

  5. I have been driving since college and thank God I’ve never gotten into any accident. Hope He keeps it that way especially now that I have kids. I wish rules were strictly implemented here just like in other countries. Car seats are madatory in the US but here? Nah!

    1. Even here. You can see half of kids’ bodies outside the window, or in an open moon roof. Some young ones who look too young to drive can even be seen driving big cars. 😂

  6. My friend says India is very similar, with lots of accidents happening. She said there is no rules when driving so everybody is driving really fast and that being in a car there is a terrifying experience.
    I heard a quote once that said “Driving is one of the most dangerous things we let anybody do”.
    I am way too scared to drive. I know how one little mistake can cost someone’s life.

    1. I am afraid to drive, too. 😂 I need to have an out of this world courage to do it. Haha
      Maybe, I see the danger more than its benefit. I should change my perspectives. 🙂

  7. I was just reading last night about a limo full of the bride’s family going home struck by a drunk driver. The most horrifying was that a mother found her little girl decapitated by the seat belt. So I think it’s really important to consider, not just having a seat belt, but to actually have the right one.

    And yes to not driving tired. Someone fell asleep on the wheel and bumped our rear once at a stoplight in BGC, with all our three kids sitting in the back. I was so shocked. The guy just went to our side, yelled, “okay lang kayo???” then sped off.

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