Stand Up For The Pen

I do my devotions every morning the moment I wake up. I read the Bible and write reflections on my notebook. All the things I need for my morning routine are currently set up beside my bed for ease of access after waking up.

For the past days however, my favorite black 0.7 Sarasa pen, which I love to use every time I write got misplaced. So, every day I would settle for the next best thing, a pencil that’s on the bedside table. I would highlight with a pencil, write notes with a pencil. Those are nice, but that’s not how I do things. I used to highlight with a colored pen and then write with black or blue sign pen, whichever is available. It went on for days, though I was a bit uncomfortable writing with a pencil. It went on and on day after day, all because I was too lazy to search or go downstairs to get the pen I wanted.


This morning, I saw that the pencil and I thought to myself that this must stop. Why would I keep settling for something I don’t want when I can do something about it. So, I rushed to the other room where my craft supplies are and took a colored and a dark brown sign pen which is the closest to black in the box and I went back to my quiet time. That was satisfying and fulfilling. I went back to my routine, read the Bible, highlighted the verses that popped out for me while I was reading, then wrote the observations, and the things I learned about God and the characters I’ve read in the passage I’ve just read—using my pens and not a pencil.

This may sound too low like “So pens and pencils? Where are you getting at?” Well, I learned more about pens and pencils today. If we really want something to happen, we can’t just sit there and be satisfied with the current situation. We have to STAND UP FOR THE PEN. We have to stand up for what we want to see happen knowing it is according to God’s ways. We have to make an effort to achieve or reach it. Nothing will change if we keep sitting down accepting what is before us knowing that we can do something about it. Of course it is a different case if things are not in our control, then we have to pray and wait. In cases however, where we know we can do something, the best thing to do is step forward and act on it.

What are the things in your life that you are not satisfied or happy about? Is it how your house is all messed up? Is it the way you handle your finances? Is it the way you always get angry? Or procrastination, maybe? Assess it and check if you can do something about your situation that can make it better. Then act on it.

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