SUPERBOOK: The Great Adventure

I grew up watching Superbook or the Flying House as a child and I’ve learned so many things about God through this show.

When my kids were old enough to watch shows like this one, I just thought of searching for old videos, but I learned that they had newer versions released which had better video quality. The main characters, Chris and Joy are teenagers in these upgraded versions and the setting is more futuristic.

The problems Chris and Joy are experiencing are very relatable to the kids and teens of this generation. In the Superbook stories, there’s always a situation that Chris and Joy are facing about friendship, school matters (cheating, peer pressure, accepting others,etc.), addiction, video games, family and more. They travel back in time through Superbook with their robot Gizmo where they learn stories from the past that could help them understand and face their current situation.

The show can help teenagers decide on some of the issues they are facing in school and in their relationships with friends and families. Though the main characters are boy and girl (plus a robot), the viewers will never sense any love interest between the two. It is pure friendship. I honestly like that.

Unlike most shows which always have love life boiling in the stories, this one does not and that’s better because not every teenager’s problem is about love. They just feel like it’s a problem because the media says so. This also helps the viewers focus on the main lesson of each story.

Story of David.

I’m sad that most shows, even for kids, always have to include girl-boy relationships at an early age. As if the show won’t survive without it. That’s one reason why kids even at the age of 4 will tease another kid “you are girlfriend-boyfriend” once they treat each other nicely when they are just really being friends.

I often watch this with my kids before sleeping and I learn something new every time I watch it. I also try to direct them on how to apply some of the lessons in the story in their daily dealings with people.

Story of David. Here, David is telling Chris that he is playing for the one who gave him his skills.

I’m not saying that kids will be good boys and girls after watching this show. Oh no. My kids might have ups and downs, failures here and there, but doing my part in instilling lessons while they are still listening is like a planting seeds hoping that one day, they will grow in their hearts and bear fruit.

The time to plant all the things we can plant in their little hearts is now that they are young. Now that their hearts are softer. Growing up, their experiences might make their hearts hard and it would be very hard to plant a seed by that time. It will take a lot of plowing and removing of weeds, so its better to start now.

Maybe you’ve watched movies, or TV shows that are great for kids and teens to watch? Please feel free to drop them below. I’d love to check them out. =)

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You can visit Superbook’s website here: Superbook Kids Website – Free Online Games – Bible-Based Internet …

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