Sushi Centro, Jeddah

Sushi Centro, Jeddah

There is just something about Japanese food that people get attracted to. Wherever you go, people would always want to try them because they are interesting to look at and well-presented. Japanese cuisine has offered the world uniqueness in every aspect, even in food. Their famous sushi, tempura, rolls, ramen and bento meals are just examples of the iconic Japanese foods.

Bento meals at Sushi Centro, Jeddah

Thank God Jeddah has restaurants like Benihana, Sakura, and Sushi Yoshi that offers Japanese food when we start craving for them. To add to that list, is Sushi Centro, Jeddah. There are many things to love about it. The main one (for me) is because it is near our place. Its location is very accessible that going there would just take minutes. I think its the nearest of its kind in my area.


Sushi Centro is located inside Centro Shaheen hotel which is along Madinah road (and Al-Sharafeyah), near Haifa mall. Its strategic location offers employees of companies near the area to just have lunch or dine in for dinner. It is also a great venue to meet clients since it is in the city’s center and is accessible to most of the main roads. Parking spaces are available outside the hotel.

A view of Jeddah’s fountain from Sushi Centro’s rooftop.


Keeping all the modern Japanese theme intact from start to end is what will be observed once you dine in Sushi Centro. From decorations to plating, a touch of contemporary Japanese theme is visible.

Customers can watch how their orders like bento meals, rolls, and sushi are prepared in the center counter. This is a great way to check (that is if you are the meticulous type) how a meal is being prepared. One can even ask the chef to customize the order, if for example, there are specific vegetables or ingredients to be removed or added in the food.

Sushi Centro, Jeddah counter where you can watch meals being prepared
Sushi Centro rolls
Sushi Centro bento combo

There’s a generous amount of serving in most orders like this teriyaki chicken bento box below. A bento box meal includes jasmine rice, vegetable maki, tossed greens, ginger dressing and of course, the chicken teriyaki, which is a highly recommended one along with the seared salmon bento box.

Teriyaki chicken bento box (good for 2-3!)

Kids love these crispy fried chicken bites or kara-age. These are for starters but kids can already have them for their main meals since they are not adventurous yet when it comes to trying different foods.

Crispy chicken bites (Kara-age) by Sushi Centro, Jeddah

There are also different sushi maki rolls which comes  in 8 pcs per order. Prices for these rolls range from 28 SR -75SR. That’s a very reasonable price for rolls of 8. I remember ordering the same amount in other restaurants, but with just 4 pcs of rolls. So, that’s a great deal they’ve got there.


For ramen lovers! They’ve got a bowl full of it at a starting price of 48 SR! =) Varieties of noodle soup bowls are offered. There’s mixed seafood, beef & mushroom, ramen with chicken dumplings and vegetable wonton.

Ramen by Sushi Centro, Jeddah

Don’t forget to order Sushi Centro’s fried rice. They come in three choices; vegetable, beef, shrimp & chicken fried rice. Our order was beef and it was already well-seasoned, there’s no need to add soy sauce or salt.

Fried rice by Sushi Centro

For group meals, there’s what you call “plenty to share” options to choose from like family grand platter which includes 16 pcs of assorted nigiri, 8 pcs spicy tuna maki, 8 pcs spicy salmon maki, 8 pcs ebi tempura maki, 8 pcs California maki, 8 pcs of vegetarian roll, and 2 portions of edamame. Now, that’s a full list for a platter! That alone could feed 5-6 people, I think. =)

maki and rolls
Photo credit: from Sushi Centro’s FB page

Don’t immediately leave once you are done with your dinner. Try their jasmine tea and just relax. The ambience is in Sushi Centro can be very calming, like an oasis in the middle of the desert. Just like their location, a place of rest in the middle of a busy city.

Jasmine tea by Sushi Centro, Jeddah


As I’ve said, the place is like an oasis in the middle of a busy city. It’s a great and very accessible place to go to along Madinah road and Sharafeyah road for family dinners and business meetings to take place in. Here are some of the photos that will give you that peaceful modern Japanese feel as you bite those tempuras.

Sushi Centro, Jeddah
Sushi Centro, Jeddah
Lobby, Centro
Restaurant’s entrance Sushi Centro, Jeddah
Centro lobby and entrance to Sushi Centro
Sushi Centro waiting area
Sushi Centro, Jeddah

Since Sushi Centro is part of Centro Shaheen hotel, there are other areas in the hotel you can go to after dining in. If you want to grab a cake, muffin, or coffee for take out or when you are on the go, you can go to C. Deli, the same floor as Sushi Centro.

C. Deli by Centro Shaheen/ Rotana hotels

You can also check the pool area of Centro’s rooftop where you can stay and have a coffee.

Centro Shaheen, Jeddah
Centro Shaheen, Jeddah
Centro Shaheen, Jeddah
Centro Shaheen, Jeddah
Centro Shaheen, Jeddah

C.Taste by Centro Shaheen is also located on the second floor. It is Centro hotel’s all-day dining section where other international cuisines are served.

C.Taste Centro Shaheen Jeddah
C.Taste Centro Shaheen Jeddah
C.Taste Centro Shaheen Jeddah
C.Taste Centro Shaheen Jeddah
C.Taste Centro Shaheen Jeddah

Going to Sushi Centro opens many other activities to do while in Centro hotel. You can go to the rooftop after your Japanese meal to have your lungs have a dose of fresh air, a cup of coffee or tea as you continue to release those city stress. You can even grab a take out for your roommates, kids, or friends from the C.Deli before you leave the hotel. However you want to end your stay in Sushi Centro is all up to you, just be sure to bring with you that serene feeling the place has offered from beginning to end.

For reservations,

Visit: Centro Shaheen by Rotana’s website

Opening Hours:
Lunch 12:00pm-3:30pm
Dinner 07:00pm-11:30pm

Sushi Centro Facebook page

Sushi Centro, Jeddah map

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16 thoughts on “Sushi Centro, Jeddah

  1. The place looks nice, mukhang sosyal. 🙂 I agree, their foods are well-presented. My husband likes Japanese foods, whenever we eat in buffet restaurant, he always go to Japanese station. My son and I loves katsu, tempura and ramen, kung ano lang cooked food.

  2. Wow, this place is really nice! It looks clean, quiet and classy for me. I’ve only tried sushi a few times and I don’t know why I don’t like it but I just don’t. Kaya naiinggit ako sa mga gustong gusto ang sushi, hehe.

  3. This place look gorgeous and very clean! I love sushi and tempura too. Here in Q.C in Ever Gotesco Mall there is a stall there na Japanese foods sya every time na pumupunta kami don bumibili talaga ako ng sushi nila pero di gaano kasarapan pero pwede na..

  4. It’s 10PM here and I’m craving for ramen and makiiiiis. I’m not a fan of raw foods like sushi but my husbandand I started to love Japanese foods… I love ramen, makis, kara-age, gyoza… nakakagutom! I love the resto’s interior, would definitely stay for a coffee at the roof top with that kind of view.

  5. I admire the craftsmanship of the Japanese. They seem to really put so much effort and passion in what they do, even creating those sushi dishes. The place looks too cozy and real comfortable. I dont like Japanese food before but learn to love it because husband and my best friend love to take me to Japanese diners.

    1. I just really love tempura, teriyaki, maki and soup from them. I love how they present their food. So much craft and detail in there. =)

  6. I am really not into Japanese food, but I can have the classic tempura if ever. The place looks classy and elegant, and the food looks inviting too.

  7. I will always love Jap food, esp sushi! Ang cozy and classy ng place. Orange and black never looked that good, akala ko pang Halloween lang ang color combo na yan. Im also a ramen lover. This post makes me want to go to the mall to get my Jap food fix! 🙂

  8. The food looks so yummy! But seeing them also makes me wanna cry. Haha! It’s just that I’m on a hypoallergenic diet (because I’m breastfeeding my baby who is suspected to have food allergies) right now and seafood is one of the things I can’t eat. It really sucks coz I LOVE sushi!

    1. Aww. That’s not good. Haha Anyway, you can have a feast on them once you’re done breastfeeding. The baby’s health is more important. .😄

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