The Crystal House, Jeddah

The Crystal House is a shop where you can find almost everything you need for jewelry making. Located inside Al Sholla Center,  Crystal House is great for those looking for wholesale and affordable raw materials, but they also sell original stones.

They also sell original Swarovski elements in box or per piece.

What I like about the store is the great collection of raw materials they have. From beads, stones, to strings and golds, even tools for jewelry making.

Labels. The shop has labeled every item and indicated the price for wholesale, which makes it a lot easier for buyers. It’s like buying from the grocery. Every item is laid outside and not shelved. In other shops, you have to call a salesman every time you need a material. This set up in Crystal House is very, very helpful for someone like me, who sometimes, just wants to browse different products. This is very difficult to do in other shops where one salesman entertains 3-5 buyers at the same time.

Language. They speak English, but like any other shop, it’s better to bring a photo or screenshot of the item you are looking for to save time.

I love this shop for all the reasons above and because it’s just around 5 minutes away from my house. 🙂

Note: Take the side gate which is closer to The Crystal House


Al Sholla Center Map
Al Sholla Center Map

Al-Esayi (EXO) is another shop where you can buy tools and raw materials. If you are near Makaronah or Gharnatah, you can go to this place. Click here to see the post: Al-Esayi (EXO)

Jewelry-making tools
Tools for jewelry-making. Tools like these can be bought from EXO and from the Crystal House.

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