The Need for Wisdom

There are two paths where wisdom leads. One leads to life and the other death, especially when used for selfish ambitions.

proverbs 2 The Need For Wisdom

Benefits of Gaining Wisdom:
  1. You will learn what is RIGHT, HONEST, and FAIR.
  2. You will be pleased with knowledge.
  3. SOUND JUDGMENT and GOOD SENSE will watch over you.
  5. You will be PROTECTED from SMOOTH TALK.

From Proverbs 2:9-12, 16

We need wisdom the moment we wake up until the end of the day.  It will help us greatly to be successful in everything we do may it be in raising up kids, doing our jobs, managing people. It is just really essential. Good thing that we can always ask God for it when we need one:

James 1:5

Do you think you need wisdom today? Well, simply ask God for it. =)

 What have you learned today from Proverbs 2 today? Share your links or verses below. =)

TODAY is Day 2 of the Bible Reading for Proverbs. If you want to participate in reading the Book of Proverbs with us and sharing your reflections, you can download the calendar here.

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