The Tree VS The Rock

8-yr old son: God should have used a tree. You can get water from a tree.

Me: That’s why he used a rock. Getting water from a tree is too easy, any man can do that, but getting water from a rock? Now that’s something supernatural. Something extraordinary. So, when you think things are already impossible, remember God used a rock to get water in order to meet the needs of the people. He certainly can use anyone or anything beyond the ordinary to meet your need.

Keep having that calm self take over the day instead of worrying knowing that the God who provided for his people is the same God who will provide for our needs. Keep looking back at how he has provided and has moved in our lives in the past, those are milestones of faith that God wants us to hold on to as assurance that he can always surpass what he has done. He doesn’t do exactly as the way he has done before, he always is the one who provides, but the manner will always be different so he can keep displaying his power and who he is to us in the most amazing ways.


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