Never the Same

One afternoon, I assisted my mother-in-law in buying study tables for her grandkids. She wanted to surprise them. To bring the tables home, she called for two tricycle drivers to deliver it home. She went with the first, I had to sit behind the second driver because the whole study table occupied the main passenger’s seat.

While entering our subdivision, the driver, in amazement, started saying, “Wow, mam. Ang lalaki ng bahay dito. (Wow, mam. The houses are big here.)” “Really?” I asked in a puzzled look. I was quiet while processing what he said because in my mind I was reasoning that the houses in our place looks just regular in size to me. I mean, if you are looking for the grand and more beautiful houses, you’ll see them in other places. Then I had to imagine it from his perspective. Where was he “standing” as he was looking at these houses? I started looking from his point of view and quickly used this situation to share a testimony.

By Bui Hoang Lien, Unsplash

I told him that I used to live in a very poor environment. Parts of our house walls were made of wood and storms would come and parts of the roof could fly anytime. He couldn’t believe my story. I added that the place and environment I used to live in was a bit gloomy and dirty and that there would be fights here and there from the neighbors. He then turned to our street and I knew I had to wrap up the story. I told him to keep praying, trust God and he could have something like this one day. It can happen. It happened to me. I have never even imagined that I could live in a better house, but God blessed me with it.

By Paul Hanoaka, Unsplash


God’s plan for us is is way better than the plans we have for ourselves.

Evening came and as I was contemplating with my quick conversation with the tricycle driver, I saw how good God is in a different perspective.

You see, I have never even dreamed in detail about my house before. Yes, I would say, “It’s good to have this and that kind of house,” but I honestly have not thought hard on it like others would with all the planning. I was more like a shallow dreamer when it comes to these things. Coming from a small house with a bad environment, anything bigger and better than a room was already fine and satisfying for me. But God, who is full of good things and dreams for his people, wants to show his people who trusts in him that they will never be in the same place in all areas once they start believing and following him.

Never the same.

I have never seen anyone who truly followed Jesus, remained the same. I want you to look back at your life five to ten years ago. It has never been the same, right? There’s a transformation that took place. There should be a transformation that has taken place.

Therefore if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation. The old has gone, the new has come. “2 Corinthians 5:17”

This is the beauty of being IN CHRIST. He continues to change us into his likeness. From glory to glory. We cannot say “I was born like this, I’ll die like this.” That is not the way of Christ. If we were born one way, we expect change to happen once we have come to know Christ and his power to free us from the bondage of sin that has enslaved us for a long time.

Are you experiencing many changes in your life right now? Changes that somehow change you from within as well? Don’t be alarmed, it is bound to happen and you are in the right track. You are being changed from glory to glory until genuine character and faith remains. Until what is pleasing to God naturally flows out of you.

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  1. So true sis life is in constant change for us too but I guess it is for the better. Like you our life in the PH was much different than where we are now living abroad. Perhaps the culture, lifestyles and government richness are involved in all these as well but of course we have to believe in God that our dreams will come true one way or another in his time for the better.

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