Timing, Anticipation, and Solution

Thereโ€™s this bridge that I pass by 4x a week that has a great view of the sunset and the buildings. I try to capture photos whenever we reach that spot while the car is in motion.

Timing and anticipation.

Since I know that I always pass by the area, I would always position my phone and just take series of shots hoping to capture at least one beautiful shot of the sun setting.

There are times when I get all photos as how I’d like then to be, but there are times that there’s only one great shot among five shots.

Solving problems

Imagine using timing and anticipation in our life. We know that there are recurring struggles, temptations, and problems that happen in our lives at a certain time, day of the week or season. Preparing for these things make those bumpy roads less stressful.

I apply this even in parenting.

I try to use timing and anticipation (as much as I can) in my life. Especially in motherhood. As I observe our kids, I learn little by little the times of the day that they get cranky and so I set my mind that around and before those hours I have to be prepared to give what is needed before the crankiness happens. There are recurring activities, routines, people, places, and words that could pacify or trigger anger in them. Therefore, they can either be avoided (if I am not in the mood to face a crying child) or if I feel like being a wonder mom that day, I use these moments to train kids to face the world around them. ๐Ÿ˜

Timing and anticipation help lessen the craziness of motherhood. ๐Ÿ’†๐Ÿปโ€โ™€๏ธ Hang in there mommies. There are many moms out there facing the same struggles. You are not alone. It is for a season, enjoy it until the new season comes.

God knows everything. He is the source of it all and the one who knows the beginning and the end. He is the one who has the greatest view of what is happening in our lives.

May we always seek the wisdom that comes from him, knowing he is the all-knowing God. That all his ways and commands are for our protection and not to prohibit us from enjoying the life he gave.

May the wisdom that God will grant us be used to do good and not evil.


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