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As I was browsing my site’s stats, I saw that there are posts that get views even after being posted for a very long time. Let me share some of these top posts:

1.Now Hiring- SITEL Tarlac, Philippines.  ( Yes, they are still hiring up to now. So if you have friends near the area, be sure to inform them. =) )
SITEL is a global outsourcing provider of customer experience management helping the largest brands in the world retain and grow their customer base.

SITEL tarlac hiring
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NOW HIRING in SITEL Tarlac, Philippines


2.Nuremberg Christmas Market in Germany

This post has great traffic, especially during the ‘ber’ months. Most of the viewers of this post are from Europe or Germany. I started blogging again in 2010 because of this travel post.  =) This post along with the other posts about Germany are mostly pictures. =)

Nuremberg Christmas Markets

More travel posts about Germany

3. Words, Women, and Wonders   
I’ve recently changed the blog’s landing page. What you can see now are the  recent blog posts. Before, it used to have a static page where you can see all the photos, posts, etc. As of now, this site is under (indefinite) renovation. =P

Words, Women, and Wonders

4.  Cook Your Own Al-Baik Style Chicken   . This is a famous crispy, tasty chicken here in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.

Cook Your Own Al-Baik Style Chicken

5     Amazing Health Benefits of Taho & Tofu   

Well, surprisingly, many people search for the health benefits of taho and land here.

Amazing Health Benefits of Taho & Tofu

6.21 + Ways To Have Extra Income . If you are thinking of some home-based business ideas, you can start browsing this list:

21+ Ways To Have Extra Income in Jeddah

7.Korea Palace, Jeddah. Korean restaurant in Jeddah. =)

Korea Palace in Jeddah

8.Hugot Kristyano. Some popular lines about some truths people do in a funny way.

Hugot Kristiyano

9.Jeddah For Kids’ Helpful List for Parents

Jeddah For Kids is a website full of information related to activities, places, listings and helpful resources that are very handy for parents with kids in Jeddah.

If you are a parent in Jeddah, this page is one highly recommended page filled with loaded information. It’s new but very, very informative.

Jeddah For Kids’ Helpful Lists For Parents

10.FREE Feminine WordPress Themes

If you want to upgrade your blog to be able to do all the customizations you want on your site, then I recommend trying Angiemakes’ premium themes. The support is great, so you won’t worry even if you feel you are just a beginner in the whole blogging/website thing. Below are some of Angiemakes’ premium themes. Click the links to go the site.

FREE Feminine WordPress Theme (The Mary Kate)

If you are wondering how to get your site’s stats, this article on How to view your site’s statistics is very helpful.

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  1. In my case, it’s my keratin treatment and my tips on how to check fake and authentic Cath Kidston bags. I was surprised that recipes are popular, because I thought recipes are a dime a dozen. Thanks for sharing these!!!

  2. I’ve noticed that on my blog too there are some old posts that still garner a lot of traffic until now. I guess it really depends on the popularity of the topic. Your list has some really varied topics too. 🙂

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