Urban Gardening|Growing Tomatoes, Bitter Gourd, Lemon, & Bell Pepper at Home

I’ve always thought I had no green thumb. It has always been my mom who can miraculously bring wilted plants to life. She once stuck a torn branch outside our house and it grew. I, on the other hand would be an agent to always take life away from plants by simply not watering them.

Bell pepper seeds

To make the long story even longer 😁, I took some of the seeds from the veggies we had that day and planted them in the soil I got from my friend’s small garden.

Urban Gardening

Urban gardening is the practice of growing plants in an urban environment or city where plants are usually grown in containers, egg shells, or any item that can hold soil.

Why plant in the city or in an urban environment? People do it for different reasons. Some, to have good source of oxygen available in the house. Others, try to avoid the chemicals from the veggies and fruits sold in the market.

If you watch the Netflix documentary: Sustainable it will make you reconsider the food choices you make.

I, to be honest, wanted to plant with my kids so they can experience the whole planting, watering, waiting for the fruit experience. My kids have been asking for a pet and since we can’t have one here, I decided to just let them take care and be excited of a growing plant.

In addition to that, I have always wanted to grow my own produce and since we are not yet in our own house because we are living in another country, I thought of trying it out while I am here so I can just apply it once we have finally settled in my home country.

Lemon/lime (can’t remember) which one. This is around 4-5 weeks

Whatever reasons we may have, people, wether you like it or not, have this strong tie with the environment. They get amazed at the sight of mountains, bodies of water, forests, and animals. It is not surprising that after the era of technology, people would still go back to nature and feel contentment living in a quiet and simple space along with nature.

Orange bell pepper

Seeds to Grow

So for the first seeds, I tried tomatoes, bell pepper, lemon, and ampalaya or bitter gourd which were from the food we ate that day.

Fastest to grow

If you want kids to at least see some results in a matter of 5-7 days, then start with tomatoes while also planting the other seeds like lemon, bell pepper, and ampalaya.

Bell peppers around 2nd-3rd week

Bell pepper and ampalaya start to sprout around 14 days onwards.

Ampalaya around 25-29 days

Things to Keep in Mind

Since I wasn’t really expecting for all the seeds to grow, I think I started totally unprepared. 😁

Unprepared for soil.

It’s is not easy to just get soil outside. I mean, I don’t live in a tropical country. The soil outside is usually dry or not good for planting. So, when the tomatoes started growing, there were like 10-15 sprouts, I didn’t have bigger containers and enough soil to repot them at the moment that they should have been repotted. 🀭 It was too late when I repotted them and some of them did not last long.

So, yeah first is SOIL.

Be sure to be ready because they will really grow. Check out this video of Flowers Method where you can buy soil, or read the blog post: Inside Flowers Methods


You can buy a scoop of soil for 2 riyals.

Be ready for pots.

Prepare bigger pots to handle each plant. I realized this late, and I didn’t have bigger ones to place the growing plants. 😁

Germinating the seed and waiting for them to sprout them can be in paper cups or any recyclable containers, even egg shells. Once they grow however, it is advisable for them to be placed in bigger pots, for each plant. That one, I really did not realize until later.

I bought some pots from a 5riyal store or thrift stores here in Jeddah. Each pot costs 2 riyals. πŸ˜ƒ

Watering during the weekend

If you are not in the house most weekends, better water the plant with good amount of water in the morning before leaving the house. During the 3rd week, I was out the whole day and forgot to water them. I cam back and watered them fast, and the plants that were almost bending amazingly got back to their original posture.

God, it was an amazing sight. How a thirsty plant can suddenly be refreshed and get back to its former state. No wonder humans need refreshing from time to time.


Some plants are okay with a little light, but some need direct sunlight to grow well. Be sure to find a place where you have access to sunlight.

Some great resources in the web about gardening:

  • Back To Eden documentary where Paul Gautschi You can watch it on Youtube. If you have a farm or planning to have one, this is a must-watch. No fertilizers, just simple natural, the way God intended plants to grow. His produce are bigger than the ordinary fruits and veggies around.
  • Urban Gardening- If you want a fast videos of how it is done with end results. Like an overall view of what will happen if you plant this type of seed, then watch his videos. πŸ™‚
<li><a href="https://youtu.be/yOWb_3c0MzA">https://youtu.be/yOWb_3c0MzA</a></li>
    Project Diaries-I love the way he explains how things works when it comes to gardening like the use of egg shells and dried bananas in gardening and many more.

Well, that’s it for now. If you are into gardening, could use some really good tips. You can drop them down in the comments below. πŸ™‚

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