Victoria’s Secret Pink, Jeddah

I’ve loved Victoria’s Secret‘s (VS) perfume line since high school. Though these bottles have been available in the kingdom for so long, the first VS Pink store has just recently opened in Red Sea Mall. It does not offer just perfumes, but a new line of apparel, bath and beauty products, and lingeries.

The VS Pink store targets younger audiences so the products are a bit trendy and cooler in style.

Here are some of the items they have:

Victoria’s Secret PINK, Jeddah – hoodies
Victoria’s Secret PINK, Jeddah – bath bombs
Victoria’s Secret PINK, Jeddah – backpacks

I’m privileged to have received a goody bag (for bloggers/media)  from VS PINK just last month. Let’s ‘unbox’ it. =)

Shoulder bag, small and medium-sized makeup kits
The shoulder bag is really spacious inside.

The shoulder bag doesn’t have a zipper so, you can easily have access to your things. If you are a stylish mom with babies and toddlers, you’ll have fun packing your baby things here. It can fit all the baby needs for one day. =) I find it funny that you are going to use VS for baby stuff, but, why not? =) For moms in style, I think they’ll love being able to maintain their fashion sense even with kids and that’s great. =)

There’s a pen for comparison. So the smallest make-up kit is slightly bigger than the pen.

I could fit lipsticks, eyeliners, and single eyeshadow in the small kit. It’s very convenient when you have a small bag or if you are just going out for 1-3 hours and need just the basic face emergency kit. =)

The medium size (or I find it big in size) can fit all the other make up stuff. A palette of six or more eyeshadows could perfectly fit in it. You can also put all your make-up brushes inside.

I was also given Blush perfume, lotion, lip gloss, 7ml Bombshell perfume
Thank you =)
Blush perfume 250ml

As I’ve said, I love their perfume. Most of their collections have really mild scents. Not too strong and not too sweet either. I love it that way.

Victoria’s Secret Pink, Hydrating body lotion

The coconut milk hydrating body lotion has a smooth feel on the skin. It is not sticky at all.

Victoria’s Secret PINK, Aromatise lip gloss
Victoria’s Secret PINK, Jeddah– Bombshell 7ml
Victoria’s Secret PINK, Jeddah- lipsticks

I was given a 350 SR VS card so I could shop whatever I want inside the store. Now, that’s an early Christmas treat. =)  They have great colors available from the bright reds to the velvet light brown matte.

So, I bought these lipsticks which I will give as giveaways this December. So, stay tuned. =)

You can visit, Victoria’s Secret PINK at Red Sea mall, Jeddah. is also on sale of some of the Victoria’s Secret items, you can check out those products in’s site. 

What’s your favorite Victoria’s Secret/PINK product? If you are in Jeddah, have you visited the latest VS Pink store? Share your stories below. =)

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12 thoughts on “Victoria’s Secret Pink, Jeddah

  1. I only have one of their products so far which is the Love Spell fragence mist which I bought via DFS a year + back. They do have shops here in Singapore and even brought in their whole lingerie range which I love but too expensive to purchase at the moment ( For my limited budget). I didn’t know they have lipsticks now too.

    1. Love Spell–yung purple!!! Haha! And Strawberries & Champagne. 🙂 VS perfumes were the staple pasalubong/gifts dati, no? Now, I love their lingerie/sleepwear. Soft and cute and sexy, so apir tayo! Wanna try those lippies, too!

  2. Victoria Secret’s is one brand that intimidates me. perhaps because I find them too expensive and chic before. Or na stereo type ko sya na it’s a lingerie brand. Nway, a friend gave me a perfume and I plan to my mom.because she collects perfume…only that when I tried it, ang bango pala. Akin na.lang ulit. Ihihi.

    1. Same here, but when I saw the prices of the perfumes and cosmetics, they were affordable, at least here. IF you will compare it to other branded scents. =)

  3. Receiving Victoria Secret items is always a delight. I used to love their perfume. I have a dear friend in the US who gifted me with a number of VS items when she went home last year and I love them all, especially the undergarments and pink shimmering wristlet 🙂

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