When Mothers Cry

When Mothers Cry
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No matter how strong a mom is, there will be that instance where she will reach the peak of her emotions-and so tears start falling.

Moms are one of the strongest people alive. From the moment she conceives, the morning sicknesses, the labor pains, and the giving birth. The strength required to overcome such things is beyond ordinary. That’s just the start. The sleepless nights, the unpredictable tantrums of kids, the load of household chores, the endless meetings and studies, the nerve-wracking homework of kids…well, warm-up has just begun.

Soon, kids start going to school, turn into teenagers who are slowly trying go their own ways. All these along with being a wife to a husband and an employee or a boss of a company. I sometimes ask myself where moms get the strength to go on. Where they get the inspiration to move forward. Motherhood is a tough unpaid role.

The world should understand that when moms cry:

-They are not seeking attention, but understanding.
-They are not weak, but are trying to be strong.
-They are not trying to explain and prove something, but are releasing emotions.
-They are trying hard not to be burdens, but are looking for some ways to be of help.
-They are not whining. They just feel helpless about the situation.
-They are not lost. They just want to unwind.
-They are not rebels. They just want to rest and think for a while.
-They are not becoming monsters, but are slowly being molded to become better moms.

To dads, husbands, sons, and daughters, next time you see your moms cry, be sure to understand them. You don’t need to argue with them or tell them what to do. They surely know it. They just need to release those emotions as fast as they could in order to breathe in some fresh air once again. They are ok, and they’ll be okay. 🙂

Proverbs 31, speaks about an excellent wife:


She sets about her work vigorously; her arms are strong for her tasks.- Proverbs 31:17

The source of strength matters. Personally, I run to God when I feel I can’t make it through the day, and when I don’t know how to deal with the difficult situation I’m facing. Doing that helps clear my mind and helps me focus on what’s really important.

I can’t do it on my own. I believe God has provided me with a network of people ready to support me when I feel weak. They act as God’s helping hands, guiding me to be stronger as I journey this life of a mom/wife.

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She is clothed with strength and dignity;  she can laugh at the days to come. – Proverbs 31:25

Are you a mom? What are some of the things about motherhood you wish people knew? How do you go through a difficult situation? Share your thoughts below. 🙂

28 thoughts on “When Mothers Cry

  1. You write so beautifully! I think you completely summed it up and did it very well. No one can understand why a mom cries until they are in the same position. God definitely takes the weight off in difficult/ troubling circumstances.

  2. My mother cried because of me and I saw it for the first time when I was in high school. I was so “sutil”, she didn’t know what to do anymore. At that time, I thought that she was being corny, but as I grew up, I realized how bad I did. I love her so much. And when we talk, I would most often apologize to her for being hardheaded. esp when I had my son, that’s when I knew how tough parenting is!

  3. Gilian, you don’t know how much you’ve touched me with this post. Oddly, today while taking a bath, I cried.. And I cried like a child. I know why, I just don’t understand why. After a few minutes of tears and silent cry (and sort of a quiet tantrum to God), I stopped and resumed bathing because by then I realized that I just spent 30 minutes of my time and I’m late for my doctor’s appointment.

    I wish people knew that when moms cry…
    • We’re not complaining. We just need words of appreciation and encouragement so we could do more.
    • We’re not asking the people around us to solve our problems. We just need to let it out and breathe.
    • Why not start with saying something positive? It’s not easy to cope with physical change so we don’t need people telling us we’re gaining weight.
    • We need comfort from the people we love. The worst feeling in the world is loneliness.
    • We know things will get better even if we don’t completely understand.

  4. I can super relate to this! i want to show this to my husband. He’s usually just quiet when he sees me cry or sometimes he tries to “fix” things. But oftentimes I just want to feel that he’s there. I just want him to hug me coz honestly, his hugs really do make me feel better.

  5. Wow this is spot on. Last night I definitely had one of those moments. My family has a lot going on, both my hubby and I got promoted at our jobs to very demanding and stressful positions, we sold our home after being on the market for only 2 weeks and we are in the middle of packing, adjusting to new positions and scrambling to get a new home. As positive as the changes are I lost it last night while folding laundry. Nothing brought it up, there was no issue at all, just in the middle of folding my kids clothes I lost it. My poor hubby did not know what to do. I completely agree with LainyLoveLife’s comment.

    Many blessing to you.



  6. I love how you said this! We are just letting our emotions out as quickly as possible so we can move on! I know what I need to do, but I just gotta let off some pressure first! Thank you!

  7. I totally agree! Moms are one of the strongest people here on earth. I cry most of the time too. And after that, I feel stronger and much better (:

  8. Awww… I am deeply touched by this post, not just because I too am a mother, but more importantly that I also have a mom who at her age now has become more sensitive with words especially. This is definitely a note to myself.

  9. indeed, being a mum is no walk in the park + we cry for a multitude of reasons. things + situations can be rather frustrating + sometimes there seems to be no other way to deal with problems than to cry. but yes, crying, apart from being healthy, is a sign that mum is trying to be strong!

  10. I can totally relate to this post. There are times when things just feel so overwhelming when you are a mom, and for me a good cry really helps to release some of the tension, pressure, fear and uncertainty that inevitably hits us on bad days. Bug hug to you!

  11. Sometimes, motherhood becomes tougher as it already is when the people around don’t understand you or what you’re going through. So a mommy community is really helpful. One of my many reasons why I started blogging.

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