Where did April go?

What happened in April?

It made its way so fast I didn’t even notice that it’s May already.

Maybe too many things happened in April. Let’s have a recap.

Made cakes first week of April. One was race-themed, the other one was little pony.

Then there’s this graduation cake. There was no available white fondant in Jeddah that time. All the stores said they were out of stock. I had to use red instead of white.


I also went to my alma mater, IPSJ where I led the alumni oath-taking for the students.

International Philippine School in Jeddah

I made a short video of my visit in G-LOG # 8: VISIT.

My mom sent me pasalubong from the Philippines. Dilis and other dried fish are some of them. I always request for dilis and biya because we don’t have it here. I saw some dilis here but they are big. I want the very small one. There are times when I just want to eat something salty and I just fry some of the dilis and egg. This below is the sweet dilis that you dip in vinegar,not the salty one.

sweet dilis

I went to Tavola, Jeddah  and saw that they now have many baking supplies. You can read the items I saw in Tavola, Jeddah in this post.

We went to Fakieh Aquarium to watch the Dolphin and Sea Show. Here are the highlights of the Dolphin show: DOLPHIN & SEAL SHOW AT FAKIEH AQUARIUM.

Orange Bed and Bath was on sale. I’m not sure if they are still on sale. The prices were as low as 6 riyals. The small towels are 9 riyals. I love the quality of Orange products. The materials used are good. The towels absorb as they should unlike other towels where the water stays on your skin no matter how many times you damp your skin with the towel. The fibers also don’t come off like other towels where you see some of the fibers on your skin after using them.

Orange Bed & Bath SALE
Orange Bed & Bath SALE
Orange Bed & Bath SALE
Orange Bed & Bath SALE

I made siomai using sambousa wrapper. It was a success. We don’t have molo or siomai wrapper here so I tried the Sunbullah sambousa wrapper and it worked. It satisfied my siomai cravings. 🙂

Oh yeah, I made another cake by the end of April. A butterfly or forest themed cake. I was able to finally use my wood texture for the chocolates.

Butterfly / forest themed cake

I almost forgot, we went to Saudia city compound for a swim. You can watch it in this G-LOG #9 : SWIM 

My husband went to Taif, Saudi Arabia for work. It’s a place around 3 hours away from Jeddah. It’s the unofficial summer capital of Saudi Arabia. It can be very cold there.

Taif, Saudi Arabia
Blackberies from Taif

He also bought walnuts because our second son loves it.

Walnuts from Taif

I found out the benefits of eating walnuts here:


Finally watched Insurgent, not knowing that it’s the 2nd of the Divergent series. I hate it when it happens. When I watch the middle part and I am left hanging not knowing the first and the last movie. Still searching where to find it. 😂


Low Cost Car Rentals. Starts from just $12 Per Day.

I was also able to finish the 3 Lord of the Rings movies in 3 days.…while folding ironing the clothes, and doing other chores that can be done while watching a movie. I feel more productive that way. Anyway, the LOTR movies are so good I’m adding them to the best movies I’ve seen. 😍 I know it has been years since it was released, but I didn’t get the chance to watch it. I haven’t watched it before, maybe I was too busy being a college student that time. I also probably didn’t have extra money for movies that time. 😂

Then there’s the usual taking care of the kids every day. G-LOG #10: PRACTICE

Can I taste your coffee?
Copying Rusty Rivets

We decluttered some of the toys.


Let’s end with a congratulations to Saudi Arabia for finally having theaters back after 35 years! It opened in Riyadh first. Don’t forget Jeddah, please.

Will you look at that. A lot of things happened in April. Not even everything is there. 🙂 I find this recap therapeutic. 😂 I might do this every month.

I hope you enjoyed this post as much as I did. I guess it’s good to look back on some things that happened every month especially when life gets so busy. =)

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5 thoughts on “Where did April go?

  1. Wow! One busy mom. 😉 I love how you compiled what you’ve done for April. I wanna do this too haha Plus! The cakes!!!! Love the forest with butterfly cake. And I looooovvvveeee TLOTR Trilogy. It really is one of the best.

  2. You actually accomplished a lot! Us? We go out only for my son’s basketball game. We spend most of our time at home. We don’t go out much due to extreme hot weather! 😝

    1. That’s one month. =) It’s vacation so we were able to go to different places. =) I’d love to see my sons play basketball in the future too. =)

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