Who Am I Not To Forgive You?

My second son, Miguel, spent the first two hours of his days complaining last week. He’d wake up and complain about his pants. Sometimes, he’d complain about being sleepy. Other days, he’d just whine about all the other little things he could think of. As a mom, these little complaints in the morning were not really helping us to have a smooth morning routine.

Forgive Me

At the end of it all, he’d say “Okay, forgive me.” So I would say “Okay” and he wouldn’t stop saying “Forgive me” until I say say “Okay, I forgive you.” It went on until we were parked in his school’s parking lot. While waiting, I had to settle it with him and asked him what’s wrong.

“What’s this? Why do you insist on me saying those words when I’ve already said that it’s okay.”

“Because you might not forgive me.”

When I heard this, I had to make him understand forgiveness from a God’s point of view.


“You see, I am your parent and you are my child. I can’t think of anything you’d do that would make me not love you more or not love you less. Yes, I may be angry at some of the things you are doing, but, I will forgive you. God has forgiven me of all the terrible things I have done. God has forgiven you, who am I not to forgive you? Am I greater than God? Am I better than God? No. If he has forgiven you, who am I not to?” His eyes lit up. I assumed he understood it. He hugged me and said he’s sorry. I hugged him back and prayed for him. I asked him to pray and I just felt like melting at every word he said.

“Lord, thank you for making me realize and understand what forgiveness is.” He calmed down and we took his bag and I walked with him towards the gate of his school.

No Room For Unforgiveness

While walking back towards the car, I knew God taught me more about forgiveness than I taught my son. While I was talking to my son a few minutes ago, I was remined of God’s love for us.

I was reminded of the following verses:

As a father shows compassion to his children, so the LORD shows compassion to those who fear him.

Psalm 103:13

If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness.

1 John 1:9

As a parent, even if there are misunderstandings between parents and their kids, parents would still love and forgive their kids in the end. They might get angry, sad, or mad, but deep inside their love for their kids would overcome all these.

Unconditional. It is kind of love God, our heavenly father has for us as his children. His love for us is never ending, and is never based on what we do, but always on who HE IS.

God has forgiven us and has shown us great compassion and love. Who are we not to forgive others?

For every hardened heart,

For every bitter soul,

For every suffering life,

May they find rest in you, O Lord.

May they see and embrace your forgiveness,

And may they release it to others who need it.



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