Wide awake!

Of all the days to pick from, Migs decided to wake up soooo early today. Around 3am, he was wide awake and it went on for an hour and a half. He’s not usually like this. It just so happened that I woke up from a not so good dream and couldn’t sleep so I sleepily decided to go to the kitchen to steam Jacob’s bottles and (planned) to have coffee while waiting. After setting up the bottle steamer I went back to our room to check if Migs was awake and there he was ready to crawl out his way and cry as he was turning his head left and right to look for me. Goodbye coffee. There I was, still sleepy as I embrace the thought that it would be another one of those days where I would want to borrow some time(if I could) to add some extra hours to have a proper sleep. I hear my mind saying ” here’s another episode of the real desperate housewives”.

The upside of Migs being awake was that the tension I had about the ‘not so good’ dream I had subsided. Haha

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