Wonder With Gil + Blog Theme Reset

I have been trying to change this blog from Words & Wonders to Wonder with Gil. I have been very busy for the past months and I’ve given up so many times tweaking the layouts and designing because it takes too much time from me.

I just want to write. 😂

I know I’m not alone in this struggle. Most bloggers come to a phase in their lives where they have somehow matured in their life as well as in blogging.

What happens is that the existing blog theme and designs, even the articles don’t match the current changes in their lives anymore. This results in changing the colors, layouts, even to the point of having a new blog. 😁 I don’t have the budget for that yet so I don’t jump in that direction. 😂

Anyway, I used to have time doing all the behind the blog editing and technicalities, but now, I can’t sit down in front of the computer for hours just to fix it. All the updates and changes have left me behind.


I started by finally hitting the reset button to bring the original theme of my blog. Thus, the color. You can do this by downloading the CUSTOMIZER RESET plugin in WordPress. You will get the original theme you had from font to colors. Everything. You can’t undo this once it is done. So, you must bank up your courage before finally doing this. You should be able to say “no regrets” afterwards.


Made the logo in Canva.com as simple as possible. I just copied the color of my blog’s theme. I still miss using black because it is easy to match with other colors, I’ll stick with this FOR NOW until I find time upload the new theme. (Might take forever 😂🥴)

Social Media

Then you have to update all the other social medial logo and thumbnails or banners. At this point, I was thinking of just keeping my blog and Youtube Chanel. I want to delete my fb page and just share the posts in the stories. I was actually planning to combine FB page to personal profile in FB, but it is against FB policy to sell or gain anything monetary through your personal page. (Fyi)

Should I keep the FB page? I really want to delete it. It takes a lot of maintenance. Plus, when STORY feature came, it became a place to share my posts so I don’t see the need to keep my page. I’m not planning on monetizing it either. I just want to write in this space then post related videos in Youtube. 🙂

P.S. If you see some strange things and layouts here. That would be me, editing something in the backend. 🖥

Update: Had to change it back to black and white for now. Update failed because FB won’t allow me to change the page name for now. So let me stick to Words & Wonders for now. 🤷🏻‍♀️

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