Baked Schwein

We baked this meat last night. This is not available in the Mid East and we won’t be able to taste it again for months so we’re munching on every…

A hospital or a haunted house? =)

One of the hospitals here in Erlangen. =) From outside, it looks more like a haunted house than a hospital, right? haha (P.S.: The other hospitals look modern.)

Erlangen Zentrum(Center)

City Center of Erlangen Arcaden mall

Trip to Nurnberg, Germany

Part of the Nurnberg Castle. Heilig-Geist-Spital (Hospice of the Holy Spirit) Jacob chasing the bird train station tunnel in the castle

New cupcake decorations

hearts, round sprinkles and flowers Since I’ve started baking, I always go the that area in the supermarket where the baking tins and cake ingredients are. I always check what’s…


Being lonely is a person’s choice. There are hundreds of people outside your house. Thousands outside your city and probably billions around the world. Why, I wonder, why choose to…

Night Shots In Erlangen

Erlangen, Germany My husband and I decided to walk home after attending the afternoon service at church. I don’t usually take photos  in the evening. First, I usually get frustrated…

Trip to Bamberg, Germany

My college classmate, Christine lives in Germany so we decided to meet in Bamberg, which is halfway to her place and mine. After eating at Poseidon restaurant we walked around…

How I keep myself happy while my toddler is playing

There are times when I’m tired and Jacob is still at his peak of being a super duper hyper active toddler. It can be irritating at times because our bodies…

Asia Shop

I found these in the Asia Shop near our apartment here. I’ve been looking for miso paste in Jeddah but couldn’t find one so I was so happy when I…

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