Like this statue here, a person who writes on public places is blind to the consequences of his actions.

Handsome Weathermen

Ivan Cabrera I find CNN’s meteorologist, Ivan Cabrera, handsome. I don’t usually find many good-looking weathermen on screen. =) They are usually, old and not so modern.  The next is…

Shawarma & Falafel with Doner

I guess I won’t be missing shawarma in case I crave for one. =) The shawarma here is different. Maybe to suit the taste of the people here.  First, the…

Amazing Snowflakes

It’s just so amazing how they come in different shapes. =)

It’s Snowing

Before the snow Yesterday morning Jacob playing with the snow This morning Our hand prints

Insert Coin Trolley

Insert coin trolley in Nurnberg This photo is from: think.stew If you are going to Germany, be sure to always prepare a coin. In order to unlock and use a push…

Central Apart, Erlangen

This is the apartment where we are staying. Central Apart, Erlangen. It has one bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, living room, terrace. A baby crib/playpen is also provided (or upon request) bedroom…

Jacob’s first day in Germany

Viva mini mart Siemens training center My family arrived here in Erlangen, Germany last Sunday. After taking some hours of rest, we immediately walked around the city to see if…

New Place, New Adjustments

Going from east to west can be very difficult at first. Adjustments must be done in almost every way. I am currently in Erlangen, Germany and I came from Jeddah,…

I Miss Germany

I miss Germany. I don’t dream to live there. I guess I just want to visit that country as often as possible. haha (yeah, right! Talk about budget.)Its fresh environment…

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