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Finally! From blogging to vlogging.

I’ve been trying to create video logs for years now, but I was just either too busy or I didn’t have proper tools to come up with the type of videos I want to produce. Now, as of this writing I’ve already uploaded six one-minute G-LOGS (Gil logs) on my Youtube Channel:
G-LOG #1 Hope

What’s a Vlog? 

Vlogs are people’s way of documenting their days. Some like writing their days, thus, blogging, but others feel more comfortable talking and taking videos of themselves in front of the camera or while walking or traveling, and that’s really fine. So VLOG is a a blog in which the postings are primarily in video form.

By the way, in case you are wondering how people earn money by making Youtube videos, you can read this link How do YouTubers make money with their daily vlogs? How much does … I’m not primarily going to that direction though. If it does, it will be a great bonus.


NO. I won’t stop blogging. I won’t stop writing. I love writing.

By the way, this is how my site looks like on desktop mode. If you are viewing this on mobile, then you have a different view.

Some people say that blogging is the boring version of vlogging, but I don’t fully agree with that. It all depends on preference. Some people like reading to get information, some like listening, and others like watching. I honestly prefer reading where I feel I can get the information I need faster instead of playing a full-length video to get an information.

My Youtube channel is just an extension of my blog. That is just where I organize all the videos. I’ve honestly had it for a very long time now. It was where I used to put dance videos, travel videos, etc. You can check this video about our Trip to Taif in 2016. I deleted my old videos back then for security reasons.

Saudi Arabia back in 2011

8 years ago (or more), Saudi Arabia was not that open to blogging, photography, and shooting videos in public. You even have to register your blog in the government that time so I stopped everything for a while and started again when things became a “little” open. Now, I don’t mind because even the locals are creating amazing blogs and videos to showcase Jeddah. Yey! Well, in they do it in Arabic, but at least that’s a huge breakthrough!

What will I be putting on my Youtube channel?

Since it is an extension of my blog, the videos related to my blog posts are mainly the ones that you’ll see there. Like this post about Silk Road Museum in Jeddah and Sushi Centro, Jeddah.

When I have time, I also make videos of the events I cover or attend like my friend’s wedding: JR & Sherrylyn Wedding, Master English Training, McDonald’s Kitchen Tour, and other memorable events.

I still have many videos with me that I haven’t edited yet because I was too busy (at home) to sit down and make videos while taking care of babies. Now, school is out and my kids are getting more independent so there are times when I have at least 30 minutes to edit. Plus, technology, thank God, has given me great ease when it comes to quick video editings. I’m not that pro, but iMovie app on phone is enough to make simple vlogs.

For iphone users, you can download the iMovie app for the phone which has the basic requirements for a simple video. There are other apps available, but I usually try to stick first with the same product creators of my phone.

G-LOGS or Gil’s Video Logs

  • These are one minute videos and photos of my day’s highlights
  • They are usually related to the title or theme.
  • This is a fast-paced video.
  • I don’t talk in my G-Logs yet. Maybe in the future, but now now. I reserve the talking part for the other videos I’m working on.

After watching vlogs of different personalities, taking down notes on what would work for me and what won’t, I decided these short videos to be just highlights, with background music and a title.

I’m really happy with the result.

Everything I creatively do from calligraphy to photography found their way in these G-LOGS and I’m really happy. I have been capturing funny videos of my kids or special places and create moments, but I had no idea where to put them (aside from the computer, of course). So, I hope you’ll enjoy watching these short highlights as much as I did.

Will there be separate videos for some of the highlights?

Yes. If I have time, I’ll try to do separate videos for the other highlights like the Yanbu Flower Festival 2018. This can’t be squeezed in one minute. A separate video must be done.

Why make videos?

Yeah, why blog? Why make videos?

For those who are planning to come…

For the past 8 years, I’ve been receiving questions from people who are planning to move to Jeddah, or those in need of assistance when going to different places here in Jeddah and Saudi Arabia in general. You have to keep in mind that back then, people had no idea of what’s inside Saudi Arabia. The stories I posted made people realize that expat families can stay and somehow live in Jeddah. They thought Jeddah was all desert, reading posts about life in Jeddah (that there are malls, resorts, and restaurants here) has helped them prepare for the life they are about to embrace.

For those who have left…

Those who have left for good also read updates on what’s happening here. Watching places where they used to spend time with their friends and families brings back memories. Hopefully, good ones. They also get updated on what’s new and the changes that have taken place here.

For those who are here…

I try my best to always include helpful information in each blog post that people might find useful. This is especially helpful for moms who like me who are looking for family-friendly places to go here in Jeddah.

For the readers of the same niche…

I’ve also had instances when some of this blog’s contents have made other people’s day. People would come and tell me “I’ve read a post of yours before and it made me realize…..” I cringe a bit at the thought that someone reads it, but ignore it and just be thankful that those posts helped them in some ways.

When I was in a restaurant for a meeting, an Indian in her 20’s excitedly told me “Hey! I read your blog! When are you going to post again?! It’s been awhile! I’m waiting for your next post. 😃” I stared at her trying to make the situation sink in while thinking “oh my, is this happening?” 😂

So, why write? Why make videos? Why create useful content?

Because people read, and because people watch.

It’s sad that the some contents you see going viral sometimes are either full of foolishness or full of hate. (Most of the time, it’s because going viral means earning more money, and of course, who doesn’t want that?)

It’s time to be a responsible content creator.

May it be in blogging or vlogging, whatever content you are making, be sure to spread love rather than hate. 😀

Originally, I wanted to start making videos again the moment we go to Philippines for good, but I guess, starting now would be a good way to practice. 😂

To the silent readers of this blog. Thank you for reading. Please comment next time. 😂 I’d appreciate hearing from you. 😀 I would love to know your thoughts and interact with you.

You can visit (or subscribe) to my Youtube channel here or search for Gilian Isles on Youtube.

(Such a long post for an announcement! 😂)

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6 thoughts on “Wonder with Gil

  1. I just like how you put them into phrase – Because people read, and because people watch.

    I started blogging just to document anecdotes i often hear from my then small boys. Then I got messages like I read your blog so that inspire me to go on. I also love to do vlog. Only that, perhaps, i dont have the proper tool yet. But should I do video, I opt not to speak as well- not yet.

    I am on the same page with you on full of hate contents. I love stories about happiness and gratefulness. about love and anything positive. I hope many people will see the beauty on those, too. looking forward to seeing your videos and of course, reading your words.

    1. Thanks! I also had those stages of documenting my kids’ lines. Haha

      Your blog is very inspirational. I’d love to see your vlogs one day. 🙂

  2. Hi Ate Gil! So amazed with your blogs. It gave me some new ideas re teaching strategies for kids. And of course, while reading your very, well described blogs about Jeddah, it made me miss Jeddah so much more. Keep inspiring and spreading your God-given talent. Hope to see you if you visit Philippines again. 😊

    1. Hello! Thank you and I’m glad you liked and learned something from my blog. =) I keep on posting about Jeddah because I know the feeling of being away from it and wishing I could see what’s happening lately. =) See you in the Philippines! (I wish you have placed your name, but I think I know who you are. haha)

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