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I found out that I already have 260+ WordPress followers/subscribers now. Imagine that. Haha Thank you. 🙂 Thank you for taking time to read and comment on this blog.

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When I started blogging via Blogger(2005 or 2006), I really did not think of following other bloggers. I just wanted to write my thoughts, with or without receiving comments. I got curious and checked Blogger:

It’s still there. It immediately gives the option to create a blog.

I continued blogging there and stopped around 2008, I think, then started again in 2010. After blogging for years, I finally decided to move to WordPress in 2014 (for the shallow reason that I love their themes).

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So I moved all my blogspot posts from 2010-2014(That long?!) to my new WordPress site. I also decided to drop the “.wordpress.com” so I now have my own domain/self-hosted site. (Reading this makes me realize how long I’ve been blogging!?) Oh my! That transfer did not include my 2005-2010 blog that I deleted when I felt like #adulting some time in my twenties. (Wait, I’m already over 30?! 😭😭 )Haha time flies. 😀

WordPress app for Android

Anyway, back to WordPress. There were no mobile apps back then from/for WordPress. There were apps available, but paid ones and not specifically for WP. So when a WordPress mobile and a desktop app were released two years ago, I downloaded them, but removed them due to error issues.

It was only when I downloaded the WordPress mobile app last year (again), did I enjoy the ease of reading, following, and leaving comments on blogs that are worth reading. At least those that are close to my interest. It has improved a lot from the first time it was released. It doesn’t hang or crash my posts anymore. 😁

WordPress mobile app dashboard

I honestly read blogs from the WordPress app than from my Facebook newsfeed.

WordPress mobile app ‘reader’ section

Writing and Editing

Writing blog posts became easier as well. I can now upload photos from my phone, resize and add captions to them. Almost everything you need to make a post is available. You can even put a featured image and add categories and tags.

*The shortcode option is not available, though. If you frequently use shortcodes, you may copy the code to memo/note then just paste on the post if needed.

WordPress mobile app ‘post settings’
Post settings available

This version is for Android users, it’s pretty much the same for iOS.

*There used to be an option in the ‘posts’ part where you can filter the view as published, drafts, pending for review, etc. It is not visible now. The strikethrough option is not there anymore. Maybe it is part of the new update. 🙂 

If you have photos from Google drive, next cloud, or from any other storage apps, you can upload photos that are stored from those apps. Like what I did with this photo below. 🙂

*If you keep receiving errors when uploading large photos, be sure to change the size limit of your uploads in your site’s settings.

That’s it. Are you using the WordPress mobile app? Do you find it helpful and easy to use? What errors have you encountered using WordPress app? Share your thoughts in the comment  below. 🙂

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8 thoughts on “WordPress Mobile App

  1. I use the app for reading blogs, too. And for adding media/photos when I get lazy to transfer them from mobile to laptop. Haha.

    And… tanda na natin ‘te… in blogging years. 😅

    1. That’s partly true. WordPress used to be really complicated before. I used to have both blogger and wordpress. I only moved 2 years ago when everythibg became user-friendly, plus the beautiful themes. Blogger also gets better traffic(back then), maybe because it’s by google? Haha

  2. Wow! Great job WordPress! No wonder why it’s still the go-to domain for most bloggers. I use blogspot when I started and still use blogspot (now blogger), I’m not sure if I’ll ever migrate to WP in the future, we will see. hehe. I’m more of staying at my comfort zone with blogger, kasi kabisado na. lol.

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