Words That Don’t Flatter

Today’s Daily Prompt by Word Press is Flattery

Words That Don't Flatter

The words below, however, don’t flatter anyone. In fact, they speak the truth about us. It serves as a mirror of who we really are. =)

Prov 10Proverbs 10

The verse above reminds me to be a woman of few but sensible words.
Prov 10

Love covers all offenses. This reminds me to always, always forgive and not keep a record of people’s wrongdoings especially of those people who are close to me like members of my family. It’s not easy, but it is more difficult to carry hurt for years and not move on. It will block the love that should be passed on to others. 

Love Keeps No Record of Mistakes


TODAY is Day 10: Proverbs 10. If you want to participate in reading the Book of Proverbs with us and sharing your reflections, you can download the calendar here.

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