Words, Women, and Wonders

This is a personal website that circles mainly on three areas of my life. As of now, most of the posts move on these three words. Maybe in the future, it will change, but for now, it will be Words, Women, and Wonders.Screen Shot 2015-09-15 at 8.50.59 AM

I am fascinated by words, meanings, lines, verses, quotations, articles, songs, and everything that changes once all these get to people’s hearts and lives.

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My every day life has now become an adventure as I discover how to be a better mom and wife each passing day. I try to share every thought, reflection, and learning, hoping that they can be of great help to other women facing the same challenges.

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I am amazed at how God majestically created nature and people. I always try to capture moments and make memories of the places I visit, the things I see in these awesome sceneries, and sometimes, the people I interact with in these journeys.

Well, I pray that as you read my blog posts, you’ll get inspired by the words, get empowered as a person, and be drawn closer to the Creator as you see the wonders of His creations.

God bless! =)
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-I’d love to see your suggestions on how I can improve my blog. If you have ideas on topics I can include that’s related to Words, Women, and Wonders, please feel free to leave a comment. =)

14 thoughts on “Words, Women, and Wonders

  1. It’s wonderful how you are able to sort of summarize your blog into just three words. I can’t seem to do the same for mine. I need to focus!

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