Writing| A Game of Thrones, Writer Support, and Life Lessons

I shared in my recent post Life | Excited how I now have the A Song of Ice and Fire books which includes the A Game of Thrones (Apparently, one of the most popular TV series today.)

To be honest, I haven’t watched a single episode of A Game of Thrones 😂. Maybe I was too busy while the series was getting popular that it just really slipped through my schedules.

Book VS. TV Series

I don’t really mind watching the series now, but I prefer reading before watching them for some reasons. Here are some of my (pathetic and maybe petty for you) reasons: 😁


As someone who loves writing, I usually get ideas on how to write better from authors and other people who write. I want to see how great lines are written, how they start and end their stories, how they use situations to progress from one chapter to another, etc.

Life Lessons

“Everyone talks about snows forty foot deep, and how the ice wind comes howling out of the north, but the real enemy is the cold. It steals up on you quieter than will. At first you shiver and your teeth shatter…then it gets inside you and starts to fill you up, and after a while you don’t have the strength to fight it.“- Gared, A Game of Thrones

Life lessons: Don’t you ever get COLD on something or someone you love. Always keep the fire burning because cold creeps in until you are too numb to even feel anything. 🙂

I always draw out life lessons from what I read or encounter. I look beyond the story and characters. I also look at people’s behavior and how people face their situations. At this point, I also look at the leaders in the story and their leadership skills. Kingdoms- I read the story from a higher perspective, like a bird’s eye view of what happens between their kingdoms and how they interact, how they wage war, how they are defeated, their strengths and weaknesses. I remember the book The Art of War and the strategies written on winning a war and the chances of being defeated in one. Some of the things written there can be applied in your daily struggles with people. 😂

Support Authors/Creators

I purchase books to support authors and the publishing community. You see, when we stop buying from creators (authors, artists, musicians, directors, developers, etc.) and always go for free and ask for discounts from friends who are starting their business, we are becoming accessories to end their production.

When you don’t purchase, the supply of the item goes up because the books are not being bought. From the point of view of the the companies/publishers, the authors/creators are not good enough because no one is buying the book or item when in truth, they are in the black market. The publishing company releases the authors/creators leaving them penniless.

So, if I somehow I have the means, and I know I’m going to use the item for a long time, whether soft copy or hard copy, I see to it that I support them by buying their products.

This is very difficult for music and movies and other downloadable materials which can be transferrable from one usb to another. For movies, it’s good that there’s now Netflix where you can watch movies. 😁

The Other Side

Just place yourself in the shoes of the author or creator of the product. You invest time, effort, money, and create something in hopes of earning from them, five people buys the book but then no one buys after that. You stop writing or creating because you feel nobody needs it and that maybe nobody enjoys what you write and do only to find out that the five people who bought the book shared it to 100 friends.

You may receive credits and recognition from the work but it leaves you without income and the business stops because there’s no money coming in to support you and the production.

This is also how BOOK SALES have hurt the authors. I used to enjoy book sales until I realized how bad it hurts the publishing industry.

That’s it for today. 🙂

I’m happy that I’m writing more often now. I’m maximizing the WordPress mobile app whenever I have time. At least I’m on track, in reference to my 2019 goals. 😂

Have a nice day!

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