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Yummy, Yummy looks like one of your average Chinese restaurants, but you’ll find that the moment you enter, the ambience it gives is way better than other Asian restaurants in Jeddah. This restaurant is also great if you want a little privacy because it has rooms for couples and families.


Private room for two.

Food. I find every meal delectable. Every food has its distinct taste, even the appetizers. My favorite is their shrimp balls plate. In the menu, each piece looks small, so I was so happy when they served it two-three times the size of what I was expecting. The shrimp balls are coated with bread crumbs and croutons (I’m guessing). Each ball’s size is larger than a golf ball, but smaller than a baseball ball.


Fried rice
Fried wanton

Rolls and Sushi. The Yummy Yummy rolls are really good. One of the best around Jeddah. The blending of flavors in one roll is perfect.


The vegetables and meat. It’s very common for vegetable dishes in Chinese restaurants to have a sauce that dominates the taste of vegetables in the  dish. Here, I tasted the vegetables more than its sauce. It made me appreciate veggies for their own taste once again.








Place. The dim ambience and Japanese decoration just added drama to the place. There are exclusive rooms for families and couples who want privacy.


playroom with TV and slides is also available for kids while waiting for the food. This is very helpful for parents who want to avoid having cranky kids while waiting for their meals. The place is well maintained and clean. I’ve visited it a few times, and I have seen the same clean place.



The last floor is usually used by companies and groups for seminars and workshops. Yummy Yummy :+966 12 257 0777

A downside of the place is the parking area. The parking place in Sary street is limited to a few cars. One must park near the area if parking is not available in front of the restaurant. Another branch is in Hera avenue.

Price. Prices range from 20-40 riyals for appetizers. 30-60 riyals for main dishes. Some of the special seafood dishes range from 80-120 riyals.

meat/ veggies
sushi and rolls

Have you been to Yummy Yummy? Share your experience below. 

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22 thoughts on “Yummy Yummy, Jeddah

  1. I agree Teresa. It would really be a fun experience sa mga kids and sa mga parents. By the way the food looks yummy. Do they have this na sa Pinas?

  2. Based on the pictures, the restaurant does look like it has a nice ambience! I love the private rooms (I value my privacy a lot lol). And I’m curious about that shrimp ball — I’ve never seen anything like it before.

  3. Love the interiors. And I bet the owners have toddlers as well or are thinking of kids when they put the play area. Often when families dine, they have kids in tow and having a play area within the diner is indeed a great relief for the mother.

  4. The food looks delicious indeed. This preggy mama is craving now. Haha! I also love that there’s a play area for kids. My son would love it there.

  5. Aw, I envy you for going to Jeddah. My husband works in Riyadh, although visiting him there is not in our plan, I somehow wish we could also be able to go there.

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  7. nakakagutom naman to, gilian. a restaurant with play area, mouth-watering foods, and an ambiance like that, i wouldn’t hesitate to zoom off to the place on a payday.

  8. The food looks yummy! Its nice when restaurants have playrooms so that kids can also enjoy themselves while the adults dine. Nice restaurant ambiance.

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